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  • Travel is getting smarter in West Yorkshire

    Why do we need a new card?

    Sometimes getting from A to B can mean changing from one operator's service to another's and buying more than one ticket for a single journey. With an MCard you’ll be able to travel anywhere in West Yorkshire with a single ticket. MCard's touch technology will help to get you on buses faster and through rail stations more quickly.

    What's different about this card?

    MCard will be easier to get hold of for a start. From later this year, travel cards will be available at PayZone outlets in West Yorkshire, which means you’ll be able to buy tickets from local stores with longer opening hours. You’ll still be able to go to the usual Travel Centres of course, but Post Offices will gradually stop selling travel cards and issuing PhotoCards. In 2014 you will also be able to start buying some tickets online. We think this will be a lot more convenient for our passengers.

    Which card do I buy?

    Some existing travel cards, such as the monthly and weekly passes, will simply look different and you won’t need your photo on them, but using them will be just as easy as ever. Some new cards will be introduced because we want as many people as possible to have exactly the right card for their travel needs. To find out how your current card is changing, or what kind of card is best for you, check out the cards below for more detailed information.

    Monthly MCard

    The Monthly MCard provides great value for commuters who travel regularly throughout the month and is available for bus-only or bus and train travel. Just like the Weekly and Annual MCards, you can select the train zones that best suit your travel needs.

    The card is a transferable card with no photo on it, so you can share it with other family members or friends when you aren't travelling, even at weekends.

    New Monthly MCards are now available from local PayZone stores and Travel Centres in West Yorkshire.

    Weekly MCard

    Just like the Monthly MCard, a Weekly MCard provides virtually unlimited travel on most buses or buses and trains throughout West Yorkshire. You can choose a bus-only ticket or select the rail zones you need for a bus and train ticket.

    The Weekly MCard is a transferable card with no photo on it, which means that you may want to loan your MCards to other families and friends when you don't need it.

    Pay as You Go

    A Pay As You Go MCard will be a new ticket, ideal for those who don’t travel by bus regularly. With a Pay As You Go MCard, you will be able to put money on the card at a PayZone outlet or a Travel Centre and when you take a bus journey, the single fare will be deducted from the total on your card. This is a transferable card with no photo on it, so you’ll be able to share your card with friends and family, or simply keep one in your pocket, topped up ready to use anytime.


    Pay As You Go MCard will be launched in 2015. We are still developing this product to include capping at a daily saver fare. This means your MCard will give you unlimited bus travel within West Yorkshire for that day at much cheaper rate than several separate fares. Eventually, you will be able to top-up the amount on your MCard automatically through an online direct debit facility, making it the most convenient way to pay for occasional bus trips.

    Annual MCard

    Perfect for commuters and other regular travellers, who use both bus and train or the services of more than one operator, the Annual MCard cuts the cost of regular travel throughout West Yorkshire. Choose a bus-only Annual MCard or bus and train card with rail zones, whichever suits your travel needs.


    Your are not affected by price changes during the life of your Annual MCard and if your employer is a member of the West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network, you may be able to get a discount on the cost of your Annual MCard.


    Good news for residents on newly built housing estates. Developers have been working closely with Metro and the local bus and rail companies to provide a special Annual MCard.

    In some areas, households will be eligible for free Annual MCards, which could include bus-only or bus and train zones, depending on the area and could save you hundreds of pounds in travel costs.


    The Residents MCard won’t require a photo, so it will be transferable to any member of the household, saving the whole family money.  The Residents Annual MCard will be available in 2015.

    Business Travel

    Organisations that are members of the West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network can purchase an Annual Business Travel MCard for their employees to use on buses and trains arcoss West Yorkshire to get to training, meetings and events. The Business Travel Annual Pass will be available in 2015.

    Scholar's MCard

    The Scholar’s PhotoCard is also now available in MCard format. Anyone aged 16-18 in full-time education can apply for a Scholar’s PhotoCard which entitles the holder to half fare bus travel throughout West Yorkshire. The PhotoCard also enables the holder to purchase a weekly or monthly SchoolPlus MCard for bus travel.

    The application process for a Scholar’s PhotoCard is simple. You need to get a form signed by your College or School to prove your entitlement. Take this form to a Travel Centre or Post Office with proof of your age, two photographs and a £2 administration fee.  In due course your application will be processed and your new smart Scholar’s PhotoCard posted to you.

    Young Person's MCard

    A new MCard called the Young Person’s PhotoCard is now available. The current paper PhotoCard is being phased out. It’s available to all children aged between 11 and 16 years and entitles holders to half fare bus travel in West Yorkshire. It also enables the holder to buy a weekly or monthly SchoolPlus MCard, which offers great value for money when travelling on buses across the whole of West Yorkshire.


    Currently people with a new smart Young Person’s PhotoCard can buy their SchoolPlus MCard from Post Offices and Travel Centres, but in 2014, they’ll be available from local shops with PayZone facilities. This means there will be lots more places throughout West Yorkshire to purchase tickets with longer opening hours.


    Currently a new Young Person’s PhotoCard is FREE for anyone aged between 11 and 16, but later a fee of £5 per application will be charged for any applicant aged 12 and over. So get a move on and get yours now. For further information on how to apply for a smart Young Person’s PhotoCard online, go to www.wymetro.com .

    School Pass, Priority PhotoCard & Boarding Pass

    For journeys from home to school, there are three types of MCard depending on your Local Education Authority agreement for school travel. The School Pass provides you with free travel between school and home. The Boarding Pass provides you with free travel between school and home on a specific service. The Priority PhotoCard entitles the holder to a seat on a specific bus service, though a fare is payable.

    16-25 MCard

    The 16-25 MCard is a PhotoCard for anyone aged under 26.  This entitles the holder to a range of discounted tickets: weekly, monthly and termly.  These new products will gradually replace the StudentPlus MetroCard. Anyone under 26 will be able to apply online for a 16-25 MCard, as long as you have a passport or driving licence to prove your age. You’ll then be able to put a weekly, monthly or termly ticket onto the card at a PayZone outlet or a Travel Centre, giving you bus and rail travel throughout West Yorkshire.


    Holders of Young Person's and Scholar's PhotoCards may also upload a weekly, monthly or termly 16-25 bus and rail travel ticket to their smartcards.  They don't need to apply for a separate 16-25 PhotoCard.


    What's all this about?

    The new MCard is about to transform the way we get about on public transport in our region. West Yorkshire is a large county, served by dozens of different transport operators. They run buses and trains all across the county, from cities and town centres to little villages and off-the-beaten-track places. The MCard will make it easier to travel.

    When is all this happening?

    It started in May 2013 with the introduction of the Young Person's PhotoCard, although it will take a few years until we are able to fully convert all MetroCard products and the whole public transport network to the new Smart Technology. We’re currently updating everything we can to make it easier for passengers to travel, because it’s our customers that matter most to us. We’ll publish regular updates and if you register your details here, we’ll make sure you’re kept in touch with progress and any changes to tickets.

    Annual MCard holders will find their journeys are even speedier, with rail gates at Leeds station and Bradford Interchange being smart-enabled in Autumn 2013, allowing entrance and exit with the tap of your card.

    New smart Annual MCards are now available for members of the Travel Plan Network Corporate Scheme and later in 2014 for other customers purchasing their MCard from Travel Centres. 

    Metro’s Education Transport Team work on behalf of the five Local Authorities to administer applications for home to school travel and coordinate the card process. If you are applying for one of these cards, then your card will be smart-enabled from September 2013. For more information, please visit generationM.
    Mature, full-time students aged 26 and over will continue to be able to get a StudentPlus PhotoCard and StudentPlus weekly or monthly tickets from Travel Centres and Rail Stations as long as they have a letter of eligibility from their University or College to get their first StudentPlus PhotoCard.
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