This MCard is perfect for commuters who want to get the very best value ticket when using buses, or buses and trains run by different companies in West Yorkshire.

Check out your zones

Here are the options, so you can choose what’s best for you

Ticket type Price
Countywide Bus Only £930.00
Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 1 - 3 £1,468.70
Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 1 - 4 £1,725.40
Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 1 - 5 £2,071.50
Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 2 - 5
(excludes rail travel into and through Leeds Rail Station)

Apply for an Annual MCard and load with travel online or visit a Bus Station Travel Centre. 

There are even better deals to be had if your employer signs up to the West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network, you could be saving up to 12%.