Day/Week/Month Pink MCard

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    The Pink can be loaded with day, week or month saver tickets for just buses, or buses and trains within West Yorkshire.

    Here are the options, so you can choose what’s best for you. 

    Check out your zones

    Prices from 2 January 2018

    Countywide Bus only
    DaySaver tickets: £5.50 (multiples of 3,5 or 10 = £5 each)
    Weekly ticket: £23.00
    Monthly ticket: £88.00

    Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 1 - 3
    Weekly ticket: £29.80
    Monthly ticket £114.60

    Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 1 - 4
    Weekly ticket: £36.00
    Monthly ticket £134.70

    Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 1 - 5
    Weekly ticket: £42.30
    Monthly ticket £160.00

    Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 2 - 5
    Weekly ticket: £29.60
    Monthly ticket: £111.40


    Zone 6 and Zone 7 rail tickets are available for rail users in either Harrogate or Skipton, who make regular rail journeys, and save money with onward train travel within West Yorkshire. Please note, this ticket is rail only and cannot be used on buses. Find out more about Zone 6 and Zone 7 rail tickets.

    *Remember to keep your receipt or counterpart for train travel and proof of purchase.

    Once you've ordered and received your MCard, simply load it with the travel ticket of your choice. Find out how

    With a Pink you don't need a photograph, so you can share it with family and friends when you're not using it.